Are you tired of working at home?

Working at home can be frustrating. You work the system, take calls and perform as best you can.

Keeping in touch with your team can be frustrating.  Email list clog your inbox and meeting minutes are a B*** to manage.

With Collaboration PLUS, you have all of these plus a whole lot more - video conferencing, discussion groups file sharing, event calendars...

Abandon the email mess.

Email is a thing of the past.

There is a better way to communicate with your teams at work.  In the past we benefited by using email.  Over time, our inboxes became full every day.  Finding those important meeting minutes is a waste.

Collaboration PLUS offers a better way to communicate PLUS a whole lot more.  With our solution, you can keep and manage discussions based on department, project or functional process.  Share files, videos and do real time chat and video conferencing.

Dress code is an option

Working from home is becoming the new normal.

With Collaboration PLUS you can stay in contact with others on your team or throughout the organization. 
  • Create discussion groups on a new project.
  • Have your employees swap shifts easily
  • Post policy documents for everyone read
  • PLUS (add employee training, videos, corporate calendars, ...)