roknavmenu thumbEnd the eMail morass.  Hold critical discussion in groups.  Create them by department or by topic.  You can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite colleagues, schedule events and hold important discussions.


rokweather thumbEmployees can schedule events, invite colleagues and easily keep track of their meetings.  Not every event comes with promises of doughnuts.  It can be difficult to get employees interested about corporate events.

Optional Chat & Video Conferencing

rokbox thumb 2Perfect for work-from-home operations.  By adding Chat & Video Conferencing to your Collaboration PLUS portal gives you have the next level of communication. ZERO software to install.  It is the first video chat system using HTML5 technologies such as WEBRTC peer-to-peer data stream, system notifications and much more:

Document Library

rokcandy thumbEmployees can read documents that are required to distribute.  Human Resources get requests for these documents event though an employees receives these when they start employment.  Now they can review them at any time.

Activity Stream

rokpad thumbEmployees can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events, poll, pages and more. They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends and Collaboration PLUS employees.


rokajaxsearch thumbEmployees can post poll on site to get feedback on their questions. Poll gives multiple option to vote based on single or multiple choices.


rokcandy thumbEmployees can easily share videos from all the major video hosting sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others. We import the title and description automatically.


rokslideshow thumbEasy-to-use photo galleries make profiles fun to browse, comment on and view. Drag and drop multiple photos for fast and user friendly posting.


roknewsflash thumbReceive real-time alerts on new comments, likes, colleague requests, and messages. Keep your employees engaged and interested all the time.


rokstories thumbCreate custom profile questions for your organization. Employees can add cover photos and avatars.


roktabs thumbPages are useful to help your business, you can interact with employees via Pages, can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite colleagues.

Share Box

rokquickcart thumbCollaboration PLUS powerful share box allows employees to add flexible post types: text, files, videos and photos, poll, embed content from other sites and share moods and location.


stopYour data (messages, posts, videos, pictures, documents, et.al.) are NOT public.  They are not viewable by the casual visitor.  We provide multiple levels of security. 

Continual Improvement & Roadmap

rokstock thumbWe endeavor to improve the functionality of Collaboration PLUS. Our developers work to give you the latest tools to keep your organization informed.