Privacy Policy

It is the intention of Collaboration PLUS to protect the privacy rights of its clients. To facilitate this objective the Collaboration PLUS has adopted this Privacy Policy.

At Collaboration PLUS, the basis of each client relationship is trust. You have chosen to do business with Collaboration PLUS and we are obligated to honor that relationship with great care. We will protect the information which you have shared with us and we believe that your privacy should not be compromised. We intend to offer our products and services in a manner which is consistent with your privacy while simultaneously demonstrating how our products and services can help you achieve your goals.

Client’s Expectation of Privacy

At Collaboration PLUS we recognize your expectation that we will handle your information in a confidential and discreet manner. We will maintain standards to insure that your information is private and secure at all times. We believe the confidentiality and protection of client information are part of our fundamental responsibilities. We recognize that the trust of our clients is critical to our success and we understand that our clients must trust us to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their matters and information.

Our Information Management Procedures

We collect and retain information about our clients only for specific purposes properly related to our business. We use information to administer your records; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help us design and improve our products and services; and to understand our clients’ needs.

Collaboration PLUS has established procedures to ensure that your information is current, accurate and complete, and in keeping with reasonable commercial standards. We pledge to respond promptly and courteously to requests to correct inaccurate information.

Each employee of Collaboration PLUS is required to acknowledge and follow our privacy and confidentiality standards. Our employees are educated on the importance of these standards and are subject to disciplinary measures for any breach or failure to adhere to our procedures and standards. Security Procedures and Disclosure Restrictions

All of our systems are in a secure environment that protects your information from being accessed by third parties. We maintain and grant access to our information only in accordance with our internal security standards.

We do not reveal specific information about our clients’ accounts or other personally identifiable data to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use except when (1) you request or authorize it, (2) the information is provided to help you complete a transaction initiated by you, (3) the information is provided to a reputable reporting agency, or (4) the disclosure is otherwise lawfully permitted or required.

We do not provide information to third parties for the purpose of independent telemarketing or direct mail marketing of products or services by such third parties.

When we do provide client information to a third party we will insist that the third party adhere to privacy standards substantially similar to the standards and restrictions of Collaboration PLUS. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time consistent with applicable laws.

Legal Notice:

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