How to lead a remote work-at-home team

Back view of business woman working from homeToday, teams that were together in an office are learning to work together from home. If you are new to remote work, Collaboration PLUS is here to make it easy. Stay connected with your teammates and stay happy, healthy, and productive.

In person, people are automatically engaged when they see your face. Sharing video conference can initially be intimidating, but you will soon get comfortable sharing video and engaging, remote discussions.

The Team Huddle: Just like ad-hoc in-person team meetings you can get everyone who together with a Video Conference. No special software is needed - just a video camera and a microphone.

Let’s Party! Being remote doesn’t mean you need to change your culture. While you may not have bagels to share – you can still celebrate those moments; birthdays, delivering a project or achieving a goal – virtually!