Continual Improvement & Roadmap

rokstock thumbWe endeavor to improve the functionality of Collaboration PLUS. Our developers work to give you the latest tools to keep your organization informed.

 Version 4.7 In Progress

  • Pages Module Completed
  • LMS Integration In Progress
  • Certificate Viewing In Progress
  • New 1500+ Emoji Completed
  • Google Login integration Completed
  • Twitter login Completed
  • LinkedIn login Completed
  • New user points Completed
  • My Colleague Location support for OSM completed
  • Fan page Completed
  • Followers completed

Version 4.6 Now Available!

  • Status update with background completed
  • Reactions Completed
  • Poll Module Completed
  • Open street map Integration Completed
  • Poll for groups and events Completed
  • Better sharing options Completed

Version 4.5

  • More Video channels support Completed
  • New Emoji in comments Completed
  • Last profile visit Completed
  • Frontpage Poll Completed
  • File upload everywhere Completed
  • Advance Chat notification option Completed
  • Rename Group Chat Completed
  • Mark all message Read Completed
  • Delete Community profile data from profile options Completed
  • Troubleshooter Manual Clean Up: Clean Up Orphaned Chats. Completed
  • Request Invitation System Completed
  • Consent Checkbox option for GDPR Completed
  • Add users to desired group on selecting profile type during registration Completed
  • Live Chatbar Completed
  • Leave chat conversations Completed

Version 4.4

  • ACL - Stage 2:
    • Control who can access and execute different features. Completed
    • Add users to specific ACL groups based on Profiletype. Completed
  • Turn outdated messages system into modern chat system Completed