How Secure is Your Data?

Our SaaS (Software As A Service) is cloud or web based.  As such we recognize website security issues:

DDoS attacks
. These attacks can slow or crash your site entirely, making it inaccessible to visitors.

Malware.  Short for “malicious software,” malware is a very common threat used to steal sensitive customer data, distribute spam, allow cybercriminals to access your site, and more.

Vulnerability exploits. Cybercriminals can access a site and data stored on it by exploiting weak areas in a site, like an outdated plugin.

Collaboration PLUS has implements multiple levels of security.

Security Levels

  • SSL or Secure Socket Layer - all communications between your browser and the server is encrypted.
  • CMS or Content Management System - to gain access to the data stored in the Collaboration PLUS database, you must login.  You have no access to the data unless you have a registered account.
  • Manager or Administrator Access - to manage employees (add/delete/suspend), and provide document access, only people with "Supervisor" privileges can perform certain functions.
  • Optional Firewall - as an optional feature, we are able to place a firewall in front of the Collaboration PLUS portal.  This firewall can block access from specific countries (e.g. only North America - block all others).  It knows about hacking bots that try to break in - and it blocks them.