roknavmenu thumbEnd the eMail morass.  Hold critical discussion in groups.  Create them by department or by topic.  You can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite colleagues, schedule events and hold important discussions.

Email just doesn't cut it anymore.

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Communicating with clients from your website is good for one-off discussions and maybe a reply or two.  Email as a method to hold discussions with your staff gets out of control quickly. If you want to keep track of a discussion and its threads, email just doesn't work.

  • Reply
  • Reply to the Reply
  • Reply and forward to another team member
  • They Reply to the Reply and send a new email.
Reconstructing the conversation is a mess.  To better manage these communications, create a group in Collaboration.PLUS.  Then create one or more discussions about particular topics or issues.  The conversation with group members is kept in order so you can clearly see the back and forth.

You can have private discussion groups, or public discussions to meet the needs of your organization.


The key to any work-at-home strategy is to maintain structured communications with your staff.   Use the group feature to better stay in touch with the work-at-home staff.

Activity Stream

Post status, videos, images and more inside the group.


Discuss any topics relevant to the group with file share option in discussions.


Add Poll In Groups to allow group employees to share the feedback/answer of the poll.

Group Privacy

Groups can be private, public or secret.


Create group events for group employees only.

File Sharing

Share files with other group employees.


Make any announcements related to the group.

Invite Employees

Invite friends to join the group.