How to improve communications between shifts.

Factory Workers With Face Mask discusses shift change issues Collaboration PLUSCommunication problems are inherent to companies that run multiple shifts.  If you hear, "We couldn't do XXX because the last shift didn't complete YYY," you have communication problems.  If you see differing processes develop between teams, they are not talking to each other. 

A key to your success is having each shift communicate important issues to the next shift so they improve efficiency and can be successful. Many times shift teams working against eachother. It’s critical that you consistently communicate between teams so they contributes to the whole. Keeping open communication between shifts is critical.  Here are some simple tips to help:

  • Overlap shifts for about 15 to 30 minutes.  That time is used to have a shift transition meeting and identify critical issues and successes stories.
  • Don't use email to distribute a shift transition information. The emails tend to get lost.  Use a collaboration tool like Collaboration PLUS.  Create a functional group and use a discussion group where information about a shift change is added.  This then places the information a click away and keeps it in one place for future reference.
  • Designate a team ‘communicator’ for each shift. This person is then responsible for meeting with the previous and following shifts.  Make sure part of their responsibility is to always add an entry into the group discussion area - even if it is, "had a great shift... great job team!"
With the Collaboration PLUS technology, there’s no reason to have communication disconnects between shifts.