Communication Tools for Your Franchise

Opening a Franchise will test your mettle. Improved Employee Communications Collaboration PLUS

You need all the skills to run a business, manage cash flow, schedule deliveries, build teams.

When you can find a tool to help with a function or task, your bottom line improves.

Collaboration PLUS is a tool accessible from any location and any device.  The purpose is to improve communication with your employees and management teams.

A franchise owner runs into these communication problems; see how Collaboration PLUS is a solution:

Challenge   Collaboration PLUS Solution
Adapting to Customer needs    Updating employees with the newest product, or service, your customers are better satisfied

Employee Coverage - handling shift changes   Your employees can reach out to one another to find a co-worker that can cover their shift. Employees assigned to other locations can easily pick up hours when an employee posts to the Collaboration PLUS portal.

Building a Solid Infrastructure   Systems, procedures, and support form the backbone of a franchise.  With Collaboration PLUS you have a support system that improves your communications with a location and across all locations.

Training   You can include training videos, or procedures documents to improve training.  Employees can take the training at work or at home, on a desktop, table or on their mobile device.

Staff Morale   By keeping employees informed of news, incentive programs, and new benefits.
By posting to a group or activity stream, all employees are updated.

Business Synergy   Those who buy a franchise become part of a “family” where all members work together for the good of the whole. Often, some of the most effective ideas come from franchisees who in turn share their ideas with the corporate office and with other franchisees.  The best way to encourage working together is to provide groups where everyone can share ideas.