Alternative to Email for Work at Home

work at home communication tool collaboration plusStaying connected with your work-at-home staff is critical.

While they are in one location, it it easy to call a meeting or drop by their desk.  When you decide to implement Work at Home, the communication methodology must be reviewed. 

If you have tried email, you know it gets out of hand easily. 

Problems with Emails for Work-at-Home departments:
  • Emails can get lost in an ever increasing inbox
  • Re-creating back and forth email threads gets confusing
  • Multiple types of email readers and settings are difficult to set up for some users
  • Using Google, Yahoo, or other public email servers is a hole in your company's security
The solution is Collaboration PLUS. 
  • It keeps the interface standard
  • It is NOT public
  • Hold video conferences without having to subscribe to a public service (e.g. Zoom)
  • Your communications remain private
  • Discussions an be shared or private
  • Discussion threads are maintained
  • Update notifications are sent to email as a reminder
  • Share files and videos