Optional Chat & Video Conferencing

rokbox thumb 2Perfect for work-from-home operations.  By adding Chat & Video Conferencing to your Collaboration PLUS portal gives you have the next level of communication. ZERO software to install.  It is the first video chat system using HTML5 technologies such as WEBRTC peer-to-peer data stream, system notifications and much more:

  • Built in - No need to install software or additional hardware.
  • Screen Share
  • Shared Blackboard
  • Private messaging system
  • Video conference for multiple users
  • Peer-to-peer Blackboard™ for Screen Sharing or to share slides and drawings
  • Chat translating your messages into another language
  • If desired there is a Skype bridge™
  • Integrated ticketing management
  • Web notifications even on mobile devices similar to a native app alert
  • Advanced help desk mode
  • Geolocation with Google map
  • Videochat Media Recorder in webm format to send short video and audio messages
  • 10 themes included
  • Peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™
  • Multiple tabs sync mode
  • Private user-to-user chat and public chat mode also supporting chatrooms
  • Multiple chatrooms
  • Form based chat join and auto activation
  • Email notifications
  • File attachment exchange
  • Configurable Emoji with keyboard shortcuts
  • Unlimited users
  • Media objects support, videos, iframe, images, links, Youtube, Vimeo, etc
  • Private chat between users
  • Public chat for multi users conversations
  • Mobile devices support for iOS, Android and more
  • Responsive full-screen mode
  • Ban and moderate chat users

Collaboration PLUS Chat & Video Conferencint implements the most advanced HTML5 features and makes possible to use best technologies such as peer-to-peer data stream directly between browsers for HD videochat without needs of Flash based plugins or intermediate servers and also operating system web alerts to be notified of incoming messages when the browser is minimized.

It's an extreme flexible communication solution, you can use it as a remote office chat system between employees  If you implement Collaboration PLUS for your customers, it can be useed it as a help desk and integrated ticketing tool to talk live with visitors or customers, that are contacted by predefined customer agents.